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Thank you for visiting NC7, INC. Through volunteerism, fundraising, grant writing, and recruitment, NC7 is intent upon procuring funds, goods, services, and surrogate families for child victims.

In collaboration with the Division of Family Services, NC7 endeavors to find and support a nurturing home for every child isolated by maltreatment and lack. NC7 seeks to identify and meet the needs (physical, emotional, mental, educational, recreational, and spiritual) of at-risk children and their “rescue” (foster/adoptive) families. We encourage the formation of partnerships with businesses, charitable organizations, and centers of worship throughout the state. Participants might solicit funds, sponsor events, post bulletins, distribute flyers, collect freewill offerings, offer discounts on goods and services, or recruit foster parents on behalf of foster/adoptive children. Help break generational cycles of harm—suffering that stunts children’s attainments and destroys community health. Simply, NC7 hopes to transform lives!

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